Choreography List

2010 “Kansas 1972”
Medocino Junior College Theater, Ukiah, CA

2009 “Open to the Public” site specific
Copperfields, Sebastopol, CA
Cloverdale Plaza, Cloverdale, CA

2008 “Open to the Public” for stage
Spreckles Performing Art Center, Rohnert Park, CA

2007 “In the Moment”
Spreckles Performing Art Center, Rohnert Park, CA

2006 “The Great Green Room”
Summerfield Waldorf Theater, Sebastopol, CA

1996 “Blind Faith”
Darkhorse Theater, Nashville

1995 “Welcome to Nashville, now y’all go home”
Summer Lights Festival, Nashville

1995 “For you, Miss”
Darkhorse Theater, Nashville

1993 “Crew”
Studio 210, San Francisco

1993 “Had Another Falling Dream”
New Performance Gallery, San Francisco

1991 “The Need for Cold Comfort”
Dancer’s Group/Footwork, San Francisco

1991 “The Need”
Cullen Auditorium (University of Houston), Houston

1990 “RIPPED”
Orange Show, Houston